EZ DREAMZ is a new fast acting liquid tincture that works to give you better sleep naturally! We base this formulation on Science by being the ONLY MANUFACTURER that significantly increased the Minor Cannabinoid Content by adding in High amounts of CBN and CBC to our Mixture. Don’t use those harmful and expensive prescription medications that knock you out and leave you feeling groggy in the morning. Go to sleep naturally with EZ DREAMZ! This Powerful natural oil was formulated to give you the calm, relaxed sleep that you’ve always wanted. An enormous amount of people have trouble sleeping. Either they can’t get to sleep or they can’t stay asleep. EZ DREAMZ can help you combat insomnia and get consistent, deep restful sleep that will make you feel happy and energized in the morning. Cannabdiol is a fascinating new product that has various health benefits. If you want to sleep better, try EZ DREAMZ for natural and effective results!

EZ DREAMZ is a remarkable all organic tincture that gives you better, longer sleep that will make your waking hours more productive and enjoyable. Oftentimes, people struggle with insomnia because of stress or anxiety. This can have a devastating effect on your daily life, relationships, and overall happiness. The consequences are varied and numerous. They include things like memory loss, low energy, irritability, weight gain, and difficulty concentrating. Want to change this? You can either try sleeping pills or you can do it the natural way. Sleeping pills are overused in our society and have been known to cause brain damage over extended overuse. They cause more problems than they solve. They make you dependent, groggy, and they only perpetuate sleep problems. EZ DREAMZ is the natural solution that makes you get to sleep faster and sleep through the night! 

Studies show that HEMP EXTRACT OIL oil increases dopamine levels! This makes you more relaxed, so no more tossing and turning all night! It makes your sleep patterns more regular as well, and helps those with chronic fatigue. Many people experience sleep issues due to stress, anxiety, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, and prescription medications. While these issues should be dealt with separately, EZ DREAMZ tincture oil is a wonderful way to improve your sleep quality and duration. HEMP EXTRACT OIL reduces anxiety and increases dopamine to help you get restful nights of sleep consistently and wake feeling refreshed and energized!

It is really difficult dealing with sleep problems, and they tend to only get worse. A lot of people are now using prescription medications to deal with insomnia and other sleep disturbances. This is a bad direction, however, because these medications are hard on your body and only exacerbate the problem. Go natural, pure, and potent with EZ DREAMZ. This all new liquid oil supplement uses the power of the natural world to give you the best sleep of your life! Don’t dread going to bed anymore. Imagine falling asleep immediately and not waking until morning? This is no longer a “dream” anymore. With HEMP EXTRACT OIL  it is now a real possibility for you. 


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Color: white
    • Insominia, anxiety, stress?
    • 30 ml bottle
    • Highly concentrated
    • Sublingual
    • Formulated by licensed pharmacist

    Active Ingrediants:




    Terpene Flavored